Host Families

Host families
In Mariscal we will experience Ecuador familial life as we share space, time, and meals with host families, members of the community who open up their homes to receive us during our time in the community.

Located within 15 to 20 minutes walking distance from the center of town, host family homes are typical for the community – humble constructions of cement blocks or wood. The amenities available in each household will vary from indoor bathrooms and cold-water showers to bucket baths. Water is not safe to drink in some parts of Ecuador. As a result, in the host family homes families will provide students with boiled drinking water. Each family will host two to three students.

Full name of host community: Mariscal Community
Region of the country: Puyo city/ Pastaza Province in the Amazon Region
Elevation: 3,150 feet/ 960 meters above sea level

Host Family Information

March 17 – 21

Peñafiel Rivera Gerardina Rivera (33) Adolfo Peñafiel (43) Ronaldo (12) Marisol (4) 2 dogs 1 cat (outdoors) 1 GL & 1 Driver
Rivera Peñafiel Marta Peñafiel (43) Fray Rivera (51) Juan Carlos (25) Mayra (18)
Maria (9) 2 dogs 1 cat (outdoors) Lauren Martin y Laura Bravo

Rojas Aguas Francisca Aguas (48) Juan Rojas (47) Rolando (20)
Leo (18)
Juan Gabriel (16) Jenny (15) 2 dogs (outdoors) Laura Antuna

Yumba Rivera Flor Rivera (34) Roiver Yumba (34) Angelica (10) 1 cat (outdoor) Elena Ubeda y Aylin Rivera
Rivera Rivera Susana de Rivera (58) Pedro Rivera (55) Juan (15) Norma (19) 2 dogs (outdoors) Anika Hartje-Brissot y
Nohria Ambika

Ortiz Rivera Diana Rivera (23) Jaime Ortiz (43) Frank (1) No pets Julia Neumann y Kayla Camacho
Rivera Mora Nelly Mora (34) Miguel Rivera (38) Angel (17), Edison (14), Bryan (10), Steven (8) Gabriela (13), Daniela (12) 1 dog (outdoor) Summer Payton y Janice Fidalgo

Rivera Rojas Mariana Rojas (56) Angel Rivera (65) Santiago (22), Patricio (15), Daniel (5) Michelle (7) 1 dog 1 cat (outdoors) Charlotte Borden y Jackie Callahan

Cabrera Rivera Bella Rivera (24) Diego Cabrera (24) Jessica (8), Gabriela (1) No pets Lydia Mullin y Miranda Liang
Tixi Rivera Zaida Rivera (21) Giovanni Tixi (25) Andres (1) 2 dogs (outdoors) Caiana Luse y Angela Yang y Morgan Bellina

Host Family Amenities
Furthest distance between homes: 15 to 20 minute walk
Electricity: Yes
Adapter needed: Not for two prong appliances with same size blades
Water safe to drink from the tap: No
Safe drinking water source: Boiled water provided by families
Running water: Yes
Hot water: No
Showers: Showers are usually located outside of the house. Cool to warm showers (may only be cool depending on day). Two homes do not have showers but have facilities for bucket bathing.
Floors: Some homes have cement floors and others have tile floors
Toilets and paper: Flush toilets are usually located outside of the house. Some toilets have to be flushed manually using a bucket of water. Toilet paper is to be discarded in the trash can to avoid clogging pipes.
Language: Spanish

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